Our AI transforms your farms

Agriculture is a fickle business because of Uncertainties in weather, market needs and labor resources.

Here’s how our AI makes it more predictable.

Your experience + Artificial Intelligence
= smart decision-making

Farmers and seasonal agricultural workers have the experience and knowledge.
Now you get the added intelligence of AI that increases your farm’s yields.

AI helps you decide when to plant, when to water, how much fertilizer to apply,
when to harvest, and more for each small section of your farm.

Bigger, better & faster

As the world’s population grows, we need more food to feed them and more workers to grow that crop. That’s where AI helps, since it yields healthier crops, controls pests, monitors growing conditions and automates each step of your operations from field to market.

Data is your new soil

Accurate data helps you get the most out of crops, workers, processes and machinery. The more data you have, the better you can predict your future.

Robovision gives you that accurate data with its AI platform. It helps you extract insights from your agricultural data, so you can plan and protect your future.

Down to the square cm

It’s virtually impossible to know how each teeny unit of your land is doing, without walking around checking it.

Our AI assistant guides you, pointing out the following:

  • Weeds that need spotting
  • Fruit that needs picking
  • Your probable yield based on blossom or plant size

Helping hand on the farm

Think of AI as your most reliable worker in a time and place when it’s hard for farmers to find and manage qualified workers.

AI is tireless. It’s always there for you. It keeps a strict eye on your land and tells you when, where and how to harvest.

At the same time, you’re its boss.

  • You train it for the results you want.
  • You can apply your model for large-scale projects or create variants for similar needs
  • You can automate the system for feedback
Sorting plants

These robots by ISO Group can be trained to help plant breeders sort and process plants.

Tulip robot

Tulip robots by ISO Group place tulip bulbs in containers pointed side up so that tulip growers get more tulips than they would have received through error-ridden manual labor.

Robovison’s famous green thumb

Robovision’s RVAI was first introduced (and then became a leading presence) in agriculture, so Robovision is an “old hand” at working your fields.

Our AI helps more than * agricultural companies in * countries.

Use fewer toxins

AI-programmed drones can find and treat problem weeds. This means fewer herbicides and toxins, since you’re spraying only the weeds, or plants, that need them.

Rose cutter

This robot by ISO Group prunes and plants roses. It uses our AI to perform precise tasks with cutting tools, just as humans would.

Beyond the field

Train your AI to ensure your food products meet top safety and quality standards. Also let AI automate your duties and responsibilities, each step of the way.

Want more information on how our AI can help you and on the tools you need? Visit our Hardware page


ISO Group is a global innovative supplier of automation solutions in agriculture and horticulture. It is also one of our most reliable partners. We partner to produce automation tools for farming that include automatic seedling planting machines, tulip bulb planting machines, rose-pruning machines, and so forth. While ISO Group provides the hardware (e.g. the agricultural robots), Robovision provides the machine vision system.


Robovision was chosen Flagship Innovation Experiment coordinator for the SmartAgriHubs Project.

Robovision assists institutions that include IMEC, Ilvo, Exobotic, Ghent University and Wageningen University for AgriTech innovation.