Why DGX-A100?

Experience new levels of AI speed and scale with NVIDIA’s brand new DGX-A100, a 5 petaFLOPS system that combines 16 fully interconnected GPUs for 10X the deep learning performance. It’s the follow-up model of the VOLTA powered DGX-1 (8 GPUs) and DGX-2 (16 GPUs)  products and comes with some disruptive improvements enabling you to take on the world’s most complex AI challenges.

  • Doubling of NVlink bandwidth in comparison with older generation DGX-1/2
  • A whopping total of 320GB of GPU memory for increased workloads!
  • The individual GPUs have 2x to 3x speed improvements in comparison with V100 depending on the specific workload, so the DGX A100 is across the board faster than DGX-2. In some specific cases the peak performance of the DGX A100 can be ten-fold, due to much more versatile hardware options
  • As an NVIDIA ELITE PARTNER, Robovision is the only place you can buy a DGX A100 in the Benelux

As NVIDIA®’s only Elite Partner in the Benelux, Robovision is the exclusive supplier of NVIDIA’s top of the line deep learning hardware. NVIDIA DGX-A100, delivers revolutionary performance which allows you to unlock the full potential of NVIDIA Tesla V100, with next generation NVIDIA NVLink and new Tensor Core technology. Buy a DGX A100 NVIDIA and get immediate results and enterprise-grade support.

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