When you apply Deep Learning to Agriculture | SmartAgriHubs

Robovision is proud to be chosen as Flagship Innovation Experiment coordinator for the SmartAgriHubs Project. Robovision is developing a high tech ecosystem in agriculture, combining forces with IMEC, Ilvo, Exobotic, Ghent University and Wageningen University.

Recent investments of both BE and NL in Wageningen University will drastically transform our way of farming. IMEC, a Belgian research institute specialised in the development of computer chips, has a new office in Wageningen, making Wageningen University the new “Silicon Valley” of food and agriculture. Using more efficient and sustainable methods through the use of AI and robotics will increase the quality and the quantity of our food production.

Robovision will monitor and optimise the production of organic open field vegetables, together with ILVO. We will use AI to determine the optimal harvesting time and to identify weed patches in the field.

On top of that Robovision will invest in a new startup, launching our Tulips machine, Sorting robot and the Rose cutter in a joint venture with ISOGROUP. Furthermore we are expanding the project boundaries with the development of a new Picking robot.