Tulip robot

Tulip robots by ISO Group place tulip bulbs in containers pointed side up so that tulip growers get more tulips than they would have received through error-ridden manual labor.

Meet the “ISO bulb planter 1800”. A machine that sorts and plants tulip bulbs, resulting from another cooperation between Robovision and ISO Group. ISO Group builds the machines, Robovision augments them with intelligence so it can sort the bulbs on quality and plant them.


Initial data capture set–up to gather data to train a model

Labeling and training in our RVAI platform

Automated sorting and planting of the tulip bulbs

Traditionally the bulb from the plant had to be manually picked and planted, which was labor-intensive and time-consuming. Every bulb is different, and even for a trained employee, it’s not always clear what side is up.

With our partner, ISO group, we decided to find a more scalable and efficient solution.

Thanks to 2D + 3D image recognition algorithms, the robot can analyze the bulb in no time, assess it’s quality, and if it is good for planting, it will pick it up and plant correctly. It can do the task with an accuracy of 97%, and it never stops.

The machine runs in many countries all over the world. Chances are quite high that this machine planted the tulips you buy these days.

The clients who use these machines enjoy the certainty that bulbs will be planted, with or without worker shortage (which is a problem in the industry).

They can keep a close eye on the quality of bulbs they bring in and the amounts of tulips that will go out.


  • Easy to setup and adapt without
    the need for experts
  • Works 24/7
  • More bulbs planted

A great run begins with a good start