Rose cutter

This robot by ISO Group prunes and plants roses. It uses our AI to perform precise tasks with cutting tools, just as humans would.

The “ISO cutting and planting 1800”, is a machine created by Robovision and ISO group. ISO Group provides the mechanics, Robovision makes sure these mechanics can see and understand their environment. (Patent pending)


Initial data capture set–up to gather data to train a model

Labeling and training in our RVAI platform

Using the AI model to steer the machine

The machine propagates the Rose. Traditionally the stems of the roses had to be manually cut at a strategic place for it to grow into an independent mature plant. It takes skill and is very labor-intensive and time-consuming. Trained by our platform, the machine can recognize the different stems of the delicate roses and cut them precisely where people with a green thumb would.

This new way of working enables the machine to run 24/7 while keeping up the quality of the cuttings. This will improve the yield for the client.

Clients in the industry are confronted with increasing labor shortages, and this machine guarantees the crucial step for the nurseries to be full. They can keep a close eye on the quality of bulbs they bring in and the amounts of tulips that will go out.


  • Relieved the client of manual work
  • Improved precision on cutting
  • More cuttens per hour

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