Apple or pineapple?

Our software recognizes 120 different types of fruit and vegetables, giving you a more efficient checkout process. Until now cashiers have had to type in a code for fruits and vegetables. Now the AI does that for you in a lickety-split of a second.

Automated detection of 120 kinds of fruit and vegetables at the register desk

Robovision developed a unique AI model that can recognise 120 kinds of fruit and vegetables at Colruyt. Thanks to artificial intelligence, product recognition becomes more accurate as more pictures are added. The first tests revealed that in 97% of the cases, the correct product is presented on the tablet. “We have customised the software for Colruyt”, says Jonathan Berte, CEO of Robovision. “It is nice to see that our expertise in AI found its way to the store. This is a unique partnership with an innovative retailer. Moreover, the project is a perfect match with our mission: making AI more democratic.

Numerous advantages

Colruyt is testing automatic product recognition to find out whether it can make the checkout process more efficient. We consciously chose fruit and vegetables because it is a product range without bar codes. Until now, our sales employees had to type a code for all fruit and vegetables at the checkout; this is no longer necessary with automatic product recognition. Secondly, the sales employee can scan other products while the customer weighs his unpacked fruit and vegetables with the camera. The result may be that we have to pack much less fruit and vegetables in the future. “Today, we pack some fruit and vegetables to avoid confusion between products. If we can automatically recognise them, this problem might vanish“, says Rudi Dewulf.

The first test showed that customers react enthusiastically and are pleased to use this new technology because they can take an active role in the checkout process.