AI 4 Agriculture


In order to gain greater biodiversity preservation and optimize the use of pesticides in agriculture – there is a need for the innovative pesticide spraying solution. Smarter spraying applications could exponentially reduce the amount of pesticides used by identifying specific areas where spraying is required. The outcome shall result in the increase of operational efficiency, and add to the developing agricultural ecosystem.


Together with our partners we’ve developed an advanced AI controlled pesticide spraying system. In cooperation with growers we gained the knowledge on what crops, weed species and what time is the most appropriate to analyze the field for precision spraying. In order to perform the AI analysis of the image data, to determine the weed pressure in every part of the image, Exobotic pilots the drone over the grower’s field using either the RGP or IMEC Hyperspectral cameras to gather georeferenced crop intelligence. Right after analysis ILVO’s software builts task maps so the ILVO-modified sprayer could drive across the field, autonomously controlling the nozzles according to the GPS and the task maps. Robovision has constructed and validated Deep Learning models, thus the system is set for the future of smart agriculture.

  • IMEC – R&D and Innovation Hub;
  • ILVO – The Flanders Research Institute for agriculture, fisheries and food, performs varied, innovative and independent research on agriculture and fisheries;
  • Flanders Food – Innovation contributor towards agri-food industry;
  • Exobotic – A company that develops and produces state-of-the-art autonomous robot solutions for the most challenging applications;
  • University of Ghent – One of the major universities in Belgium;
  • Smart Digital Farming – Initiative of companies that focus on agri-food innovation;
  • Smart Agri Hubs – Innovation hub where you can connect with partners and obtain new skills.

Software and Hardware:

Robovision: Main server: NVIDIA DGX-1
Robovision: Deep Learning Platform
ILVO, Exobotic: Drones: ILVO M600, Exobotic Air-G5
IMEC, Exobotic: Camera lenses: 35/55 mm, 135 mm
IMEC, Exobotic: Cameras: RGB, Hyperspectral

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