Veranneman Technical Textiles produces fabric for industrial applications. As they don’t work for the retail industry, aesthetic defects aren’t usually a big deal to them. And while these defects don’t affect the structural integrity of the end product, they can give clients the impression of buying low quality textile.

To right that wrong, each produced roll of fabric subject to a manual inspection over the complete length of the textile. In other words: a human eye used to look over kilometers and kilometers of fabric, looking for flaws, some tiny, some spanning several meters of textile. Partner Viu More invited us to co-create a solution.

Using AI, we now flag defects automatically, scoring textile quality for each meter that is woven. In real time, we monitor 2 meter-wide fabrics using 12 Megapixel cameras during the entire production process. This way, we can detect five types of flaws and grade each swatch of fabric. Meanwhile, human inspectors can shift their focus to other parts of the production process.