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Are you an experienced 3D Application Developer with a strong passion for technology?

About Robovision


We get up every day to create a generic vision based Machine Learning platform that will allow not-coders to create their own working A.I.-applications.

Based on this platform we’ve been building a solid track record of cases in a multitude of industries.


With a team of physicists, mathematicians, engineers, creatives, optimists and makers we are sure to succeed with the mission.

We value openness, radical candor, childlike enthusiasm, and solution driven attitudes.

About the position

For the team we are actively looking for a 3D Application Developer

You will be involved in augmentation of machine learning data using three-dimensional rendering techniques, and creating tools for data manipulation (3D synthesis, 3D labeling, point cloud navigation) using web and native toolchains. There is a high degree of freedom in how you approach this role.

  • Experience with professional software development
  • Insight in Euclidean mathematics, transformations
  • A basic understanding of deep learning concepts
  • Interest and knowledge in the programmable pipeline of graphics interfaces (preferable OpenGL)
  • Interest and knowledge of rendering pipelines
  • A highly curious mind
  • Advanced insight into operations in Euclidean space, quaternions, other coordinate systems (spherical), gimbal locking, …
  • Interest, knowledge or experience in 3D camera technology
  • Experience with building 3D manipulation tools
  • Affinity with Unity game engine or similar
  • Experience with WebGL, three.js or other framework abstractions
  • Experience with wasm or professional experience with Java/TypeScript based development

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