The vision system to lower risks in agriculture

Because of uncertainties in weather, market needs and labor resources, agriculture is a fickle business Artificial intelligence (AI), including integrated machine vision and robotics, can help to better understand your farm, lower risk, control costs and make operations more predictable.


Economically improve yields and crop quality

Farmers and seasonal agricultural workers have the experience and knowledge. Whether your business is a greenhouse or fields, whether organic or traditional, the need to capture that knowledge while improving efficiency and lowering risk, is critical. Whether your business is a greenhouse or fields, whether organic or traditional, the need to capture that knowledge while improving efficiency and lowering risk, is critical.

Your business needs to be adaptable, and AI can help with flexibility. Robovision adds that capability through easy-to-use and flexible systems that help throughout the planting cycle.
  • Robotics means faster planting with less damage.
  • Cameras and deep learning quickly analyze greenhouses and fields to provide information for accurate watering, nutrition, weed control, pest infestation and more.
  • Analytics of plant status helps with identifying the optimal time to harvest.
Research drives real-world improvement
  • Robovision was chosen Flagship Innovation Experiment coordinator for the​ SmartAgriHubs Project​.
  • Robovision assists institutions that include IMEC, Ilvo, Exobotic, Ghent University and Wageningen University for AgriTech innovation.

Bigger, better & faster

As the world’s population grows, we need more food to feed them and more workers to grow that crop. That’s where AI helps, since it yields healthier crops, controls pests, monitors growing conditions and automates each step of your operations from field to market.

RVAI robotics automate and speed planting. Machine vision works so fast and accurately that the robotic system can control multiple cutting and planting arms, as the speed of analysis can manage faster production than traditional camera systems.

Helping hand

A helping hand on the farm

Think of AI as your most reliable worker in a time and place when it’s hard for farmers to find and manage qualified workers.

AI is tireless. It’s always there for you. It keeps a strict eye on your land and tells you when, where and how to plant, grow and harvest. Working with planting when roots are involved is tricky, and improper handling by machine or personnel can damage plants, lower yield. Robovision works with robotics delicate enough to handle plants without damage.

At the same time, you’re its boss.

  • You train it for the results ​you​ want, easily retraining the system for new varieties.
  • You can apply your model for large-scale projects or create variants for similar needs.
  • You can automate the system for feedback.
  • You can switch plants on the production line with the touch of a button.

Without machine vision, it is virtually impossible to know how each teeny unit of your land is doing, without walking around checking it.  Robovision AI guides you, pointing out the following:

  • Weeds that need spotting
  • Fruit that needs picking
  • Diseases that must be quickly identified
  • Your probable yield based on blossom or plant size


Robovison’s famous green thumb

Performance has extended far past traditional systems, where a large, slow, camera system would manage a single planting arm. Robovision AI uses modern deep learning techniques to speed identification and analysis of the stems, correct cutting points, and potting depths. That additional speed means that a single RVAI visual system can work fast enough to manage multiple, while still providing better accuracy and lower damage than the traditional systems.

Robovision’s RVAI was first introduced in 2009 and has become a leading presence in agriculture. Robovision is an “old hand” at working your fields and greenhouses. Robovision’s expanded solution provides you the ability to extend powerful AI techniques to continue to improve yield and maintain profitability in a challenging market.

By partnering with leading robotics vendors such as ISO Group and Case New Holland, Robovision integrates advanced machine vision and AI techniques to ensure accuracy and safety. RVAI can be quickly trained to understand the best place to cut stems for optimal planting success, and the robotic arms delicately yet quickly handle your products so as to improve yield through faster planting of more undamaged cuttings.



Robots leveraging Robovision AI, can be trained to help plant breeders sort and process plants.

Sorting Plants

Planting bulbs

ISO Bulp Planting System places tulip bulbs in containers, pointed side up, so that tulip growers get higher yields than they would have received through error-ridden manual labor. It does this at a rate of 9000 every hour and without damaging the bulbs.

Use fewer toxins

AI-programmed drones can find and treat problem weeds. Since you are spraying only the weeds, or plants, that need them, you use fewer toxins. The results are healthier products at lower cost.

Propagating roses

ISO ​Cutting and Planting series​ prunes and plants roses. It uses our AI to perform precise tasks with cutting tools and then plants them in soil, just as humans would but faster. It can be trained to do the same with other plants that require the same form of propagation.


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Proven partnerships

ISO Group

ISO Group is a global innovative supplier of automation solutions in agriculture and horticulture. It is also one of our most reliable partners.

We partner to produce automation tools for farming that include automatic seedling planting machines, tulip bulb planting machines, rose-pruning machines, and so forth. While ISO Group provides hardware (e.g. agricultural robots), Robovision provides the machine vision system.

Delaware AI

The ​ department supports your NLP, IOT and AI projects. It collaborates with our Robovision AI platform for computer vision projects that include solid SAP integrations (e.g. for quality management modules).